Published in Dec 2017

Video: H&M, Oprah Backlash, Crypto Crazy and Black Unemployment

The problem is that 95% of Africans, not black Americans, do not understand how whites actually view all black people everywhere. American black people who have deep family roots here have a unique and real understanding of what most white folks are about.

Oprah hasn't been black for a long time so it doesn't surprise me that 'they' would mention her as a potential candidate for President. Didn't we learn from Obama? Can any black person honestly say we as a whole are better off after he left office than when he came in?

“Everybody ain’t gon make it wit us.”-Yvette Carnell

Exclusivity is one of the keys to DOS success in this country. The internet, social media specifically, has provided the impetus for DOS to establish a filtering mechanism. If you don’t have certain values in mind, then you cannot come along on this journey of political progress. Europeans and European Americans have mastered this socioeconomic practice; if your behavior is too deviant, you’re expelled from the group. African Americans struggle with this due to the legacy of slavery. However, if we are going to advance, at the collective level, then it’s a skill we must acquire...

By Yvette Carnell