Published in May 2018

International Gangster Racism

No signs of remorse can be expected from the perpetrators of racism. The absurd, irrational hatred generated by false perceptions by racists would present a daunting challenge to any attempts at alleviating what amounts to an incurable disease.

Much more so with patients reluctant to accept the diagnosis. Denial on a massive scale, a sense of triumphalism, the rewriting of history and the re-fashioning of realities would obviate the need for what may be viewed as exercises in futility such as atonement or redressing balances caused by international gangster racism, genocide, resource theft and dispossession.

Normally, remorse is concurrent with empathy and compassion together with a rare capacity for feeling and sharing the pains of peoples different or distant from oneself. That fundamental human nature goes missing among racists, throwing into doubt the wholesomeness of their own humanity. Their criminal projects exploit inherent differences between peddlers and grudging consumers of bigotry, without which the racist project would stagnate. These are ventures that thrive on inflicting pain, rape, enslavement, even genocide.

By Dr. Nzito